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Edition 6: Cessna 172 C-FJQW

The Plane Chains crew is proud to release edition 6. This is the first general aviation aircraft to join our growing hangar.

Edition 6 is made from the fuselage and horizontal stabilizer skin of C-FJQW; a 1957 Cessna 172.

The 172 is a high-wing, single-engine, general aviation aircraft designed and manufactured by Cessna. In the 1950s, Cessna decided to give the 1948 Cessna 170 tricycle-style landing gear in order to improve visibility during ground operations, and thus the 172 was born. In terms of sheer production volume, the 172 is the most successful aircraft of all time.

In 1956, the very first Cessna 172 rolled off the production line. The aircraft was an instant hit. Over the last 66 years; more than 44,000 172s have been produced, with that number still on the rise. Over that time frame, the 172 has changed quite a lot, with improvements to engines, aircraft structure, avionics, and more. Not to mention modifications enabling the 172 to become an even more versatile aircraft.

The popularity of the 172 can be attributed to reliability and forgiving flight characteristics. The attributes of the 172 make it a stellar aircraft for flight instruction applications. The Cessna 172 is the backbone of many flight schools, and air force training programs across the world. The majority of pilots, regardless of which sector of aviation they fly in, can say they’ve at one point or another flown the 172. No aircraft in history has had this kind of impact on the aviation industry.

Aside from her presence as a training aircraft, the Cessna 172 is also one of the most popular general aviation aircraft out there. Many municipal airports have dozens of privately owned 172s tied down on the ramp or tucked away in hangars, eagerly awaiting their next adventure.

In addition to her production records, the 172 holds several other major records and achievements. On December 4, 1958, Bob Timm and John Cook took off from McCarran Airport in Las Vegas in a 1956 Cessna 172. Their flight would become the longest flight of all time. Sponsored by the Hacienda hotel chain, the duo managed to stay airborne over the Nevada desert for 64 days, logging 150,000 miles.

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