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  • Douglas DC-3 C-FGXW
  • Douglas DC-3 C-FGXW

Douglas DC-3 C-FGXW


Step into aviation history with the newest marvel from Plane Chains: the Douglas DC-3 C-FGXW edition!


Embodied in these exceptional Plane Chains is the essence of the legendary, record breaking DC-3, nicknamed "Odyssey 86".  In 1986 she began the first DC-3 to ever circumnavigate the globe. These historic tags are availible in both white and green.


These keychains are 3.6cmx8.8cm in size, they feature the original paint, wear, and tear of the aircraft, and are laser engraved with aircraft details.


  • The Douglas DC-3: Pioneer of the Skies. A trailblazing icon that reshaped aviation, connecting the world like never before. Its enduring legacy and graceful design remain a symbol of transformative air travel.

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